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ALMS Doctors Academy Recruitment

Last night, August 31st, 30+ Selma High Doctors Academy students attended Abraham Lincoln Middle School’s back to school night.  Our students talked to prospective students and their parents about their future plans and encouraged them to join Doctors Academy their freshman year.


The health of our program relies on having a stream of quality students who are interested in healthcare and have a heart for giving back to their community!



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My Freshman Experience


by Miriam Marquez

 I remember my first day of high school; I was nervous and wondered what my classes would be like. However, things went well and according to plan. After a while, I started getting the hang of it. I’ve enjoyed my classes this year and learned a lot from both my peers and teachers. I made my freshman year count by putting forth my best effort, and being involved in clubs and programs such as Doctor’s Academy.

Being in the Doctor’s Academy is a privilege, and I’m really looking forward to the remainder of my years in high school. This program has helped me throughout my freshman year by opening new doors and new opportunities that will benefit my future. This program is very advantageous and I am very proud to be a part of it. I view the Doctor’s Academy class of 2020 more as a family, and I’m looking forward to seeing familiar faces next year and making more unforgettable memories.

Growing Up One Year at a Time  


By:Benjamin Uresti


    Hello, Benny here and since this school year has just ended I’ll talk about how I’ve grown this year with the help of others along the way. This year was really amazing and educational from the college trips to our group projects. Going into this year I thought it was going to be easy and I’ll just slide right through and move on to next year but that wasn’t the case.

    There were many things I would not have done such a great job on if not for the help of my group and our tutors. The psat, for example, yes it is just a practice test but I really wanted to see where I stood academically so I studied and gave it my all. Tutor Lupe Corona helped me on good habits to practice while taking the psat. Such as; don’t spend too much time on one question, just move on, try to finish the sections rather think hard about each question. The exact grade I’m keeping to myself but it was higher than I thought it was going to be and truly gave me confidence that I can slide through this year but not without making friends, as I later learned.

    My Dr. Acad. Group consisted of Claire, Mia, Naomi, Galilea, and Jose. In this group we talked, laughed, enjoyed ourselves, but also helped each other with any problems or difficulties we faced. I think I can speak for us all when I say,”We truly have something great”. Mr. Norman always peeped us busy with assignments some brief but many difficult and lead us to ask for help from each other, Norman,and tutors. It is because of this group,, my tutors, my teachers, and family that I have become the smarter and better enhanced student I now stand today.



     However, who  made me prepared for college and requirements needed was Mr. Heras. Mr. Heras showed us all very valuable information about college that I would have been blindsided by when applying came to day. He showed us what a resume should look like, what to look for in a college, and ,one  I already knew, we needed scholarships and a whole lot to avoid paying a fortune to further my education, but also how to get these scholarships.

     Also, Mr. Stroup came into our class and talked about how we can not procrastinate. He said it causes stress and depression, and this scared me because there are times when I procrastinate and feel the stress at the worst of levels. Depression had yet to hit me so I stopped while I was ahead, which lead to finding out getting my work done sooner rather than later was much more convenient. I did not have to worry about doing it the night before like some of my classmates had to. I also had much more time to do other things from chores to taking hour long naps when I got home. As the day ends with me asleep so does this article, thank you really for just being there  and I hope to see you all in the years to come.

Measles Outbreak of 2016 

 By Siany McGovern Class of 2019

In 2016 there have been 70 confirmed cases of measles in the United States. On Monday, the Minnesota Department of Health reported 75 cases. According to the MDHl out of the 75 cases, 63 Minnesotans diagnosed are Somali, nine are White/Non Hispanic, and three are White/Hispanics. The majority of the cases were unvaccinated children 

The largest Somali community in the country is in Minneapolis-St. Paul. There is an estimated 70,000 Somali Minnesotans. According to the State Department interactive website, more than 100,000 Somali refugees have been resettled in Minnesota by the federal government. 

“About a decade ago, parents in the community started to notice what appeared to be a disproportionate number of Somali children receiving special education services for autism in Hennepin County, home to Minneapolis,” CNN reported. 

While trying to make sense of the autism rates, parent found the work of British researcher Andrew Wakefield who suggested a link between vaccines and autism. Local anti-vaccination activists then started holding meetings in Minnesota’s Somali community.
Within a few years, MMR vaccinations vaccination rates plummeted among 

Somali-American children in Minnesota.
“Minnesota’s health department is preparing to help prevent any additional transmissions of the measles virus within the Somali community during Ramadan, a holy month of fasting and prayer for Muslims, Ehresmann said. Many in the Somali-American community are observing Ramadan, which began May 26,” CNN reported.

Link to original article from CNN

DA Awards Night 2017

Click the link to read the story on the Selma Enterprise!


United Health Care DA Class of 2020 visit

We had the great opportunity to visit United Health Care in Parlier.
We were able to meet with and learn from health care professionals and providers.




Moving on to Selma High (Recruitment Fair)

Multiple current DA students attended the Abraham Lincoln Middle School’s orientation for Selma High School.

Their goal was to share about their experience in the program and hope to recruit future Doctors Academy students.

Doctors Academy Alumni Roundtable – February 2, 2017

On Thursday 2/2/17, Doctors Academy students in 9th, 10th and 12th grade hosted several DA alumni from Selma and Sunnyside High School during an Alumni Roundtable event. Students connected with DA alumni and got to ask questions about surviving high school, applying to college and getting ahead despite life challenges.

Saturday Study Session – February 11, 2017

Over 20 Doctors Academy students from 9th, 10th, and 12th grade attended the first study session of the spring 2017 semester.  The students worked on class assignments, reviewed notes, worked on their resume, and completed scholarship applications.  Throughout the semester, the students will have more opportunities to come together as a family before the end of each of the six week grading periods.


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