What is Avery’s Angles?

In 2008 Meghan Hall Rauen and Jared Rauen found out that their little boy would be born with gastroschisis. During Avery’s life, he not only provided them with hope and joy, there was an incredible rise in their community to support the little family through the process. From meals, to gas cards, prayers and thoughts to folks donating blood in solidarity for Avery’s fight. Even Avery’s team at UNC Chapel Hill NCCC was also heavily involved in educating and supporting Meghan and Jared during Avery’s time. There were angels around them the entire time. Avery stayed 107 days in the NICU- from April 14th 2009 and passed on July 30th 2009 unexpectedly from unforeseen complications. During this time the little family had many happy memories and a well-supported experience because of the tremendous efforts of their entire community. https://averysangels.org/averys-story/

Sonia Mendoza and Jennifer Huaracha Hernandez were recognized for their work in studying Gastroschisis and the Selma Enterprise did a nice article on the Doctors Academy summer internship, the topic of Gastroschisis and Avery’s Angles.

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